Three-phase meter

The three-phase electricity meter performs measurements in three-phase alternating current power networks. As a rule, such devices are installed at enterprises and industrial facilities that consume large amounts of electricity, in the energy sector. A three-phase network can be in apartments of multi-story buildings with electric stoves or private houses with high energy consumption. Accordingly, three-phase meters are required for such networks.

The company's line includes a variety of three-phase electricity metering devices - from the simplest electromechanical to various electronic versions with much wider functionality. For example, among the latter, you can choose a multi-tariff electricity meter. This will enable household consumers to switch to multi-zone electricity metering and significantly save money, paying only 40-50% of the usual tariff for electricity consumed at night. Consumers-legal entities will be able to choose various tariffs offered by the energy supply company. For tariff versions, up to 4 tariffs and 12 time zones with automatic transition to winter and summer time are possible. The three-phase multi-tariff meters are presented in the company's assortment in the following classes - NIK 2300, NIK 2303 and NIK 2307.

In addition, electronic versions of the meters can keep records of active and reactive, consumed and, conversely, supplied to the network (generated) electricity - if, for example, the client has installed a solar or wind power plant. The screen of such counters displays instantaneous values of power and voltage, amperage, as well as electricity consumption at one or more tariffs, the serial number of the device, etc. The optoport allows for local programming and reading of data from such a counter.

Provided appropriate interfaces are available, electronic meters can work in automated electricity control and accounting systems (ASCOE) with remote data transmission.

If such a wide functionality is not needed and the lowest price of the metering device is a priority, you can choose a three-phase electricity meter NIK 2301 with a mechanical counter. It will also provide accurate electricity accounting, however, it will only display the amount of energy consumed per tariff.

The rated current of NIK three-phase electricity meters is 5 A. The maximum current can be 60A, 80A, 100A and 120A for direct connection meters and 10A for transformer connection meters.

The average service life of devices (before the first overhaul) is 24-30 years - depending on the class.

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