Electricity metering

All electricity metering devices by NIK-ELEKTRONIKA are designed by experts from their own design bureau and manufactured at the company's plants. The wide product line includes various versions of single-phase and three-phase meters.

The devices provide accurate electricity metering, feature low self-energy consumption, a wide range of operating voltages, high protection against magnetic and electromagnetic radiation, as well as dust and moisture penetration. The meters maintain their accuracy class and continue to operate correctly even at extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to +70°C. The technological reserve of all devices in terms of accuracy class is at least 50%.

Moreover, NIK-ELEKTRONIKA smart meters can operate in Automated Meter Reading (AMR) systems. Depending on the type and configuration, the devices can measure active and reactive energy, both consumed and generated.

The functionality of some meters allows residential consumers to conduct multi-tariff electricity metering and save money by paying less for electricity used at night. This option is available in tariff versions of the devices – they can support up to four tariffs and 12 time zones simultaneously, with automatic transition to daylight saving time and back. To switch to zonal electricity metering with a NIK tariff meter, the energy supplier or an authorized organization must parameterize it for the selected tariff.

The wide variety of NIK-ELEKTRONIKA electricity meters is ensured by the possibility of combining various options for each specific type, so customers can always choose the device that best meets their needs. The set of options for the devices can be found in the configuration tables on each product page.

The guarantee of the reliability of our products is careful selection of components and multi-level comprehensive testing. Only those samples that have successfully passed all tests are approved for mass production.

All electricity metering devices by NIK-ELEKTRONIKA are certified according to national standards that meet the requirements of international standards. Products exported abroad are tested in foreign laboratories (including the Intertek laboratory in the UK). The company is a member of the international DLMS association, which confirms that the data transmission protocols of NIK-ELEKTRONIKA electricity meters comply with international standards.